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834 Unqualified - 1 Corinthians 1:26-29

• 5 min

Are you qualified to be God's ambassador?   We spoke last year (a few episodes ago) about being an ambassador and a minister of reconciliation. Today, let's talk about your qualifications.   We're not qualified. But God knows what he's doing. If we're not mighty, noble or wise. If we're foolish or weak, when God uses us, everyone will be able to tell who was behind it all. God is doing the work. He's chosen us because we're not qualified. But since he knows everything, our degree of error must be baked into his plan.   Today, let's go into our lives, and our workplaces to be the people God calls us to be. We prove him by simply following him, living in his kingdom and doing what he says. Oh, you screwed up? Do what you can to make it right. But you're not disqualified. You can't get fired from this job.   Join others who are trying to follow and serve Jesus full-time. Check out the online community at  

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