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826 Our Calling At Work - 1 Peter 5:9

• 5 min

What are we called to do when we're drawn into a battle at work?   I like to talk about the universal job description. Some people ask for God's direction and right here, we have a universal job for all Christ-followers. One of our key jobs is to resist the devil, firm in our faith knowing that in whatever way we suffer, others are enduring that same challenge elsewhere in the world.   We can always resist the devil. He's our adversary. See Episode 810, Beware Your Adversary where I talk about this in more detail. Resisting the devil means we need to love others and find ways to deliver grace to others.   Firm in our faith means that we relax in our confidence in Christ. We remember that he is in charge and we exercise our confidence, lasting longer and holding on. Our job is to resist the devil with confidence   We talked about the verse immediately preceding this in Beware Your Adversary - 1 Peter 5:8.

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