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837 Pride Vs. Humility Part 2 - James 4:7

• 5 min

What are you most proud of?   I used to think pride wasn't bad. You may not think it's very bad either. We spoke yesterday about how God is opposed to the proud. Today, James follows that up with this idea that we need to submit to God.   Do you tell God no? I confess I do. I really don't want to know how often. But I catch myself telling him no all the time. That idea you got to do something for someone else... it was from God. The idea you should give to someone or do something out of the ordinary? It was probably from him too. Imagine what might happen if you did all the ideas you got each day.   Submitting to God has two sides. One is doing what he tells us to do. Maybe those ideas are from him. How often do we fail to submit. The other side is when we turn our back. If we fail to resist the devil, we won't submit either. Submission means agreeing with God and doing what he says. We can't go with the devil and with God. We must resist the devil. Fortunately for us, when we resist, he will flee.   Also, please consider supporting Follower of One. We're supported by people who appreciate what we do. They make provision for us to do these podcasts, and host marketplace mission trips. You can experience the joy of working full-time for Jesus. Join us giving to Follower of One as you grow your own career as a follower of Christ.  

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