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825 Waiting on God - Luke 24:49

• 5 min

How are you at waiting?   I don't wait well. But God has time for everything.   The disciples had to wait for Jesus to be ascended before they received the Holy Spirit. But for everyone else, we receive him the moment we believe. The power of the Holy Spirit doesn't come by itself. It comes from the ascended Lord Jesus. We receive the Holy Spirit and the everlasting life and power of Jesus. They are one and the same.   What does that mean for us in the workplace today? As I mentioned yesterday, maybe we need to wait on God more in our career. Maybe we need to focus simply on others and not look out for ourselves? What does God tell you when you ask? God will show you where you need to wait on him better. Today, let's wait on him more. Let's trust him more.   Ask God to help you focus on the next person you will meet. How can you listen longer? Ask God to give you great questions to ask. Listen to the answers. Let God prompt you with another question. Let's get to know our coworkers, customers vendors and friends better and serve them better and trust God to do his part. I think we'll be glad we did.   Don't forget to sign up for our next Marketplace Mission Trip. Head to to sign up.

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