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824 My Redeemer Lives - Job 19:25

• 5 min

How confident are you of God?   Imagine living the life Job lived. It got pretty messy. He lost his wealth, family, and his health. I can't even imagine. But in the middle of that, we have this verse.   "For I know that my Redeemer lives, and at the last he will stand upon the earth. If we really understood what he's aware of, and what he's capable of, we would live differently. I would live differently. I'd be quicker to risk and give. I'd be quicker to help others. i could live differently because I trusted God saw and he would act. So often I give up.   Today, where are you giving up? What can you wait on God for a little longer? What do we miss when we choose to solve the problem our way without waiting on God?   We're asking ourselves this question, too. Wed like to challenge you to step out on God a bit. We'd love it if you felt God asking you to make a gift to our ministry. We've talked about our partner who has promised a match to Follower of One. Ask God where he wants you to give more and give more. If it's to us, great. Head to But if God calls you to give more to any organization, would you? We are. Ask Him to move and let's trust him. He lives and he's in charge. Let's remember that for sure.  

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