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823 On Screwing Up - Matthew 25:15

• 5 min

Do you ever wonder what God thinks or does when we screw up?   I often say that my mess ups are baked into God's plan. We know God knows everything based on several verses. One is 1 Chronicles 28:9. King David tells Solomon that God understands every plan and thought.   This passage is another. In this story, the land owner gave to each according to his ability.   That landowner is God. He knows our abilities. Often we may get in over our heads. Sometimes God puts us in those situations, but other times, we do it. Notice this phrase inside this verse: "each according to his ability." This parable the landowner is God and he gives to 3 of his servants a large chunk of money. Notice that he gave more to the one with more ability and less to the one with less ability.   Don't forget to ask God to use you in the life of your coworkers, customers, vendors and friends today. God will use you even if you screwed up recently. He can use you again. Clock in by saying, "Here I am!" Then, do what he says. He may tell you to purchase something for someone. He may tell you to give something away. Let God use you today!

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