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821 No Possibility of Profit - James 1:27

• 5 min

Right after James talks about people who hear the word but don't do what Jesus said, he goes into a conversation about religion. James won't allow the reader to separate living like we believe Jesus from the call to obey him. Our life must prove what we claim to believe.   The word translated "religion" is used in these 2 verses, 26 and 27 and one other place. It means external observances of ritualistic practices. James won't let you "go through the motions."   Even if you think yourself to be following a ritualistic practice of a religion, you're not following Jesus. Our faith is proven through actions. We must serve the least and keep ourselves separate from the world. The examples are broad. Help people who can't help you back and live above your circumstances and situation.   What do you do for people who cannot pay you back? I confess, I don't do as much as I would like. It required me to consider my actions as less important than I typically. I think I "have" to do so many things.   As I record this, it's December. We often serve others more and give more at the end of the year. Let this season challenge you. Look for one way you can do something today that provides no possibility of a return on your investment. Those are the ones God remembers.  

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