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813 Our Position in Christ Part 2 - Colossians 2:12-13

• 5 min

Do you have any idea what death is like?   We've been called from death to life. Our position as Christ's people, which we first discussed yesterday, is completed in that we've been raised to the life of Jesus. We've been made alive together with Jesus. And he forgave all of our violations.   Do you live every day like you just won the lottery? I don't want to make light of anyone's situation. But we've been forgiven, set free.   So if we're free, what can we do that we couldn't do? We're free to enjoy life in Christ. We're free to serve others. We don't have to fight for ourselves because we've been promised forgiveness.   How does that show up in your life today? What can you do to rest in Christ's work on your behalf? Maybe we should ask God to remind us of how he has provided for us so we can work on our story. Part of how we prepare to share the gospel is to practice being able to explain why we're different. When was the last time you prepared for someone to ask you, "Why are you doing this?"   Thanks for considering how you can use your position in business, education, healthcare, government, or any other field as ministry. Our job is to serve others so Jesus might become visible to others. Care to join us? Check out and join a community of believers who are intentionally pursuing life with Jesus during our normal work days. You have nothing to lose.  

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