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812 Our Position in Christ Part 1 - Colossians 2:11-12

• 5 min

What position are you in?   Back before I understood that Jesus saves us by grace alone through faith alone, I wanted to be the 3rd to last guy to get into heaven. I didn't want to be too good. I was OK with cutting it close.   My body, the worldly parts of me thought that being with Christ required work, loss. but after a few years of following Jesus, I realized that being with him is life, joy and peace. Doing what God tells me to do isn't work, it's joyful. But my flesh thinks of it as work and I have to wrestle all the time.   We've been included in Christ's family. We're fully adopted. The reference to circumcision says we're included, one of the family. We've been brought in. There's no separation.   We're also part of his resurrection. We were buried with him. Our old life is in the process of dying. Baptism becomes a symbol of his death and we are dying to our old life.   We regularly find the joy of following Jesus in how we do our regular old jobs. We can be in a toxic work environment and still experience God's joy and peace. Don't believe us? Check out our online community and the Marketplace Mission Trip. You'll experience the joy of following Jesus every day.  

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