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808 Beware Your Adversary - 1 Peter 5:8

• 5 min

Do you often feel like your boss or others in your workplace are against you? Who would you say is "against" you at work?   Peter reminds us we have a common enemy. Our adversary is the devil.. Ephesians 6:12 reminds us of this same point.   This means the people we work for aren't the enemy. Our problem customers aren't the enemy. Our competitors aren't the enemy.   We're free to treat those around us, even the believers, as people who are constantly under attack. Satan would like to tempt everyone we know to get us to fail. But we're called to pray for them and forgive them. We all struggle with the enemy. He's our universal adversary.   Ask God to show you how to bless those around you at work today, even those who seem like enemies. The real enemy is the devil. Resist him and pray for your coworkers and watch Jesus work.   Also, we have a matching grant. New contributions made to Follower of One during this year-end season, are being doubled by a special foundation that supports our efforts. We don't charge for most of the things we do at Follower of One, but there is a cost. Please consider making a gift so we can help other Christ-followers enjoy serving Jesus full-time regardless of where we work. Head over to to double your contribution and your impact!   What we do because we follow Jesus matters. Thanks very much.

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