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807 We Are All Brought Near - Ephesians 2:13-14

• 5 min

We've been all brought near. What separates us from any other person? In God's eyes, nothing. His one separation, Jew and Gentile has been removed.   If we're all in one bucket, how are we as Christ-followers modeling that in the world? We're in the midst of a difficult political situation in the US. I am recording this before the election, but the timing isn't important.   What if Christ-followers worked across the aisle or wall or whatever it is that separates us? How can we earn the trust of people on the other side? How can we serve them so that regardless of which party wins, God is glorified. His people live differently and act differently?   What would it take for you to choose today to understand and appreciate someone who disagrees with you?   Also, check out our online community and join us as we try to follow Jesus so that he becomes first in our world.  

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