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797 Adopt a Servant Mindset - 2 Corinthians 6:4

• 5 min

How can we develop a servant mindset and perspective?   I had to look it up. We refer ourselves or we give ourselves to something. We recommend something to someone else. But when we volunteer, enlist, enroll ourselves, we commend ourselves.   We do this as servants of God. Basically, we enlist as God's servants. A young man who took part in one of our early Marketplace Mission Trips said the mission trip helped him develop a service mindset. We put ourselves in a position as a servant. And service is ministry. We become full-time servants of Jesus.   Are you a full-time minister? You can be. Decide that you are dedicated to God to serve him by helping everyone you meet move one notch closer to God. That's what Paul is saying in this verse. We give our selves to God as his servants. The following verses are a litany of things we can serve God through.   Why not join a group of Christians who are all trying to develop this servant mindset and become full-time ministers in our own workplaces. Head over to and request to join. There's no cost. We want to help one another get better at serving Jesus daily wherever we find ourselves.

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