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796 Giving No Cause for Offense - 2 Corinthians 6:3

• 5 min

Do you participate in the social media opinion wars? What does it mean to give no cause for offense?   What should "giving no cause for offense" look like in our present world? Do you catch yourself avoiding offense? I confess I'm not a person who naturally seeks harmony. I'm OK with conflict. But I'm convicted about this statement. I see Christians offending others simply because we don't agree with them. This passage seems to me to state that we have a responsibility.   Since now is the acceptable time, maybe now needs to be when I examine my social media posts and the way I live my faith so as not to give offense. Also, I need to be graceful. Jesus' message is offensive to people who want to create their own truth. But I don't need to pile on.   Take a look at our episodes 655 and 744 to listen to what we concluded about the first 2 verses in this passage, too.

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