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794 Take Hold of the Eternal Life - 1 Timothy 6:12

• 5 min

What does it mean to take hold of the eternal life?   This word is used often in scripture. We "take" many things. We're to grasp eternal life. Pick it up. Take it as ours. Christ gives it to us, but we have to take it. We fight the good fight.   I believe we must fight the tendency to deny God. The world's system and all of the people in it, the flesh (our own physical body), and the devil all want us to focus on them instead of the eternal life.   What will it take to get the invisible world to be primary in our life? The physical world, and our flesh want to pull us away from God. So does our enemy the devil. Glory is what we value, what we focus on. When we value and focus on God, we give him glory and our world fits. It works. When we focus on anything thing else, we give it glory, we value it more than God. And God can't be OK with that because he knows more than any of us, what we lose when we focus on anything less than him.   We work to take hold of our eternal life every day in the Follower of One online community. Why not join us on the Marketplace Mission Trip? You can join others in the online, 2-week version of the mission trip by joining our online community. Or you can get a copy of the marketplace mission trip in book form so a group of your friends can "take" the trip together.

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