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Taylor Lorenz – Investigating The Untold Story of Fame, Influence, and Power On The Internet.

• 45 min

Taylor Lorenz is a technology columnist for The Washington Post's business section covering online culture and the content creator industry. She was previously a technology reporter for The New York Times business section, The Atlantic, and The Daily Beast. Her writing has appeared in New York magazine, Rolling Stone, Outside magazine, and more. She frequently appears on NBC, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, and the BBC. She even appears in documentaries on Netflix, Hulu, and HBO. This week, her first book is available for purchase. It’s called Extremely Online – The Untold Story of Fame, Influence, and Power on the Internet. In this episode, you’ll learn: Where influencers came from The rise and fall of platforms like Vine The single most important decision YouTube made And where things may be headed Full transcript and show notes Taylor's Book / Website / Newsletter / Instagram / Twitter *** CONNECT 📬 Subscribe to the newsletter 🐦 Connect on Twitter 📸 Connect on Instagram 🎵 Connect on TikTok 🙏 Make a guest or mailbag request 📝 Check out our curated Playlists *** SPONSORS 💼 View all sponsors and offers *** SAY THANKS 📞 Leave me a voicemail 💜 Leave a review on Apple Podcasts 🟢 Leave a rating on Spotify Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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