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Justin Moore – Redesigning his perfect offer ladder

• 42 min

WATCH ▶️ Watch this episode on YouTube *** EPISODE DESCRIPTION Justin Moore is a sponsorship coach. His business, Creator Wizard, helps you find & negotiate your dream sponsorships so that you stop leaving money on the table. Along with his wife April, Justin’s been a full-time creator for over 7 years and has personally made over $3M working with brands. He has also run an influencer marketing agency for over 5 years that has helped other creators earn an additional $2M. For the last couple of years, Justin has been teaching what he knows through a live, cohort-based course called Brand Deal Wizard. But lately, he’s been working with more creators 1-on-1… In this episode, you’ll learn: About Justin's suite of products known as an offer ladder Tiered pricing models The coaching side of his business Full transcript and show notes Follow Justin on Newsletter / YouTube /Twitter / Instagram / Follow Justin on Instagram Justin's Website *** TIMESTAMPS 00:26 - Justin Moore Has a Problem 05:24 - Designing Your Value Ladder Workshop 19:38 - Designing Your Value Ladder Workshop II 30:07 - Webinars as a Top Funnel Strategy 32:27 - Tips for Scaling Coaching Services *** RECOMMENDED NEXT EPISODE → #121: Bryan Harris *** WHEN YOU'RE READY 📬 Creator Science Newsletter 🚀 Get CreatorHQ (creator operating system) 🧪 Join The Lab (private membership community) 🧞‍♂️ Get a Personalized Offer *** CONNECT 🐦 Connect on Twitter 📸 Connect on Instagram 💼 Connect on LinkedIn 📹 Subscribe on YouTube *** SPONSORS 💼 View all sponsors and offers *** SAY THANKS 💜 Leave a review on Apple Podcasts 🟢 Leave a rating on Spotify Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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