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Kevin Parry – How he goes viral on EVERY platform

• 52 min

WATCH ▶️ Watch this episode on YouTube *** EPISODE DESCRIPTION Kevin Parry is a stop-motion animator and video wizard who creates fun animation and mind-bending illusions. Kevin has a knack for going viral – and, as a result, he's built a massive following on just about every social media platform. He has nearly 2M subscribers on YouTube, 1.3M followers on Instagram, 2.3M followers on Tikok, 200K followers on Twitter, and Kevin even has more than 100K followers on LinkedIn. In this episode, you’ll learn: How Kevin approaches different social media platforms How he works with brands as a one-man studio How he developed an on-camera presence Why CONTEXT determines whether or not your content may go viral Full transcript and show notes Follow Kevin on Instagram / Twitter / Facebook / TikTok / YouTube Kevin's Website *** TIMESTAMPS 00:00 - Going Viral Isn’t Luck 01:43 - Importance of Patience 06:31 - Stop Motion Films Take A LONG Time 08:57 - Transitioning To Social Media Full Time 11:15 - LinkedIn Is Underrated For Creators 13:16 - How Kevin’s Strategy Evolved Over The Years 17:17 - How Kevin Works With Brands 19:06 - Being A One Man Studio By Design 22:56 - Managing Capacity As A Creator 26:00 - Balancing Commercial Vs Personal Work 28:51 - How To Approach Different Social Media Platforms 30:15 - You Can’t Do The Same Content Forever 32:56 - Developing On Camera Presence 34:31 - Lessons From Working On Feature Films 36:30 - You Don’t Have To Build A Community To Be Successful 37:58 - Kevin’s Stop Motion Course 39:42 - Masterclass On Shareable Content 45:26 - What Is Kevin Struggling With? *** RECOMMENDED NEXT EPISODE → #167: Jenny Hoyos *** WHEN YOU'RE READY 📬 Creator Science Newsletter 🚀 Get CreatorHQ (creator operating system) 🧪 Join The Lab (private membership community) 🧞‍♂️ Get a Personalized Offer *** CONNECT 🐦 Connect on Twitter 📸 Connect on Instagram 💼 Connect on LinkedIn 📹 Subscribe on YouTube *** SPONSORS 💼 View all sponsors and offers *** SAY THANKS 💜 Leave a review on Apple Podcasts 🟢 Leave a rating on Spotify Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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