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Daniel Murray – Why LinkedIn Company Pages are a HUGE Opportunity

• 47 min

WATCH ▶️ Watch this episode on YouTube *** EPISODE DESCRIPTION Daniel Murray is the creator of The Marketing Millennials, a podcast and newsletter focused on today’s marketing leaders and tomorrow’s stars. Daniel is also a creator for Workweek and personally has 110,000 followers on LinkedIn. The Marketing Millennials Company page has more than 500,000. In this episode, you’ll learn how to use LinkedIn company pages well, some of the nuances that make your content stand out, when to use images vs. text, and why your goal should be to create a pattern interrupt. Full transcript and show notes Follow The Marketing Millennials on LinkedIn Subscribe to The Marketing Millennials Follow Daniel Murray on LinkedIn / Twitter TIMESTAMPS 00:00 - Daniel Murray’s Growth Secret 01:32 - Daniel’s Path to Marketing 03:17 - Marketing Operations VS Marketing Automation 05:01 - What ACTUALLY Makes You Successful In Marketing 06:26 - How Marketing Should Be Taught In College 08:06 - Creating A Space To Learn Good Marketing 13:02 - How Should We Think About Company Pages 18:16 - LinkedIn Has Great Organic Reach 20:33 - Company Pages Are Like Meme Pages 23:48 - Why Are People Posting Dark Mode Tweets? 28:48 - Gaining 40,000 Followers PER MONTH 30:52 - Using Other People’s Content To Grow YOUR Following 33:15 - Image VS Text Posts 34:05 - Speak The Language of the Platform 36:55 - What Makes a GREAT Post? 38:27 - Testing What Works For You *** CONNECT 📬 Subscribe to the newsletter 🐦 Connect on Twitter 📸 Connect on Instagram 🎵 Connect on TikTok 🙏 Make a guest or mailbag request 📝 Check out our curated Playlists *** SPONSORS 💼 View all sponsors and offers *** SAY THANKS 📞 Leave me a voicemail 💜 Leave a review on Apple Podcasts 🟢 Leave a rating on Spotify ☕️ Buy Me A Coffee Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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