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Arvid Kahl – From SaaS founder to full-time creator

• 65 min

Arvid Kahl is the creator of The Bootstrapped Founder. The Bootstrapped Founder is the home of his Twitter course Find your Following, the books Zero to Sold: How to Start, Run, and Sell a Bootstrapped Business and The Embedded Entrepreneur, which is an audience-driven book teaching you how to build an audience-driven business. Previously, Arvid was the co-founder of FeedbackPanda, an online teacher productivity SaaS company, with my partner Danielle Simpson. FeedbackPanda was sold to SureSwift Capital in 2019. In this episode, we talk about the start of FeedbackPanda, a speaking opportunity that opened up a new world for Arvid, the transition from founder to creator, his unconventional approach to Twitter, the difference between creating a course vs. books, and why he’s on a personal mission of Empowerment. Learn more about Arvid Kahl Follow Arvid Kahl on Twitter Take Arvid's Twitter course Join the Creative Companion Club Subscribe to Creative Companion Follow Jay on Twitter Full transcript and show notes *** SPONSORS View all sponsors and offers *** IF YOU LOVE CREATIVE ELEMENTS Follow Creative Elements on Instagram Subscribe to weekly episode emails Leave me a voicemail Leave a review on Apple Podcasts Leave a rating on Spotify Buy Me A Coffee *** ABOUT JAY CLOUSE Learn more about me Subscribe to Creative Companion Connect with me on Twitter Connect with me on Instagram Join #Tweet100 *** FOR PODCASTERS Enroll in my podcasting workshop Enroll in my course on podcasting, Podcast Like The Pros Learn more about Podpage *** PODGLOMERATE NETWORK This show is a part of the Podglomerate network, a company that produces, distributes, and monetizes podcasts. We encourage you to visit the website and sign up for our newsletter for more information about our shows, launches, and events. For more information on how The Podglomerate treats data, please see our Privacy Policy.  Since you're listening to Creative Elements, we'd like to suggest you also try other Podglomerate shows surrounding entrepreneurship, business, and careers like and Freelance to Founder. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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