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Sabotaging Your Own Success

• 59 min

Why do we crave comfort so fervently? Jordan Peterson and Andrew Huberman have gained fame by dissecting the pitfalls of pursuing comfort. They offer a roadmap out of the rut many find themselves in, emphasizing the crucial role of discipline. Undoubtedly, discipline is essential, yet it alone cannot propel you to the heights of success. Today, we delve into why discipline, while necessary, is just one piece of the puzzle – whether it's advancing in life or battling demons. We show that without hope, discipline falls short in sculpting the best man you can become. Listen to discover how to transcend mere discipline and how to achieve that success you want. ✅ We love to answer questions on the show. If you have any questions that we can answer on the show, please, send your questions to us at If you record yourself on your phone and send us the audio clip we will play it on air. 🔴 🔴 Watch the extended addition, all 1h 30 mins of episode 149 on Catholic Gentleman Plus where we give you an 8-step Power Plan to achieve and maintain success in life: 10 Sessions Now Available - Weekly Extended Episodes - Monthly Guest Experts and More Help Support the Catholic Gentleman by either signing up for CG+ or Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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