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4 Enemies Destroying Your Spiritual Life

• 58 min

We all want to be successful and have a great life, however, most men place their spiritual life as something separate from that roadmap and strategy. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. If we really want that life, that vitality, and that greatness we have to fix our broken plan. Today we take an aerial view of the spiritual life so that every man, regardless of his situation, can be victorious in the hand-to-hand combat of his daily struggles. Learn about these 4 enemies and how to apply the practices we discuss. In addition, today we get to answer a question from a listener who asks about balancing his pursuit of a high-performance professional job and raising a family. ✅ If you have any questions that we can answer on the show, please, send your questions to us at If you record yourself on your phone and send us the audio clip we will play it on air. 🔴 🔴 Watch the extended addition, all 1h 20 mins of episode 145 on Catholic Gentleman Plus:, where we discuss Distractions and Isolation. 9 Sessions Now Available - Weekly Extended Episodes - Monthly Guest Experts and More Help Support the Catholic Gentleman by either signing up for CG+ or Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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