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What Women Don't Understand About Men

• 74 min

WARNING, this episode contains adult content, all within the sound teaching and wisdom of the Catholic Church, that may not be suitable for younger listeners. Today John, Devin, and Sam engage in an honest conversation about their collective insights gained over the years regarding women's lack of understanding of men. In this episode, we examine topics that often remain unspoken but are crucial for fostering deeper connections and loving relationships. We discuss the undeniable differences between the sexes, from a biological, mental, physical, and spiritual standpoint. By bringing to light these differences, we move to promote a better understanding of men and bring clarity to women, so that we can help each other grow in holiness and love. 🔴 🔴 SPONSOR - Exodus 90 - Starts on Jan. 1 - Click Here 🔴 🔴 QUESTION OF THE WEEK: This week we get to connect with a listener who wants to know how to better live traditions at home during Advent, Christmas, and the feast days throughout the year. If you have any questions, please, send your questions to us at If you record yourself on your phone and send us the audio clip we will play it on air. 🔴 Access exclusive weekly content, ebooks, guest series, and live Q and A at Catholic Gentleman Plus: Help Support the Catholic Gentleman by either signing up for CG+ or Tolkien on a Happy Marriage - Click Here Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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