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2 Things Necessary to be A Man

• 58 min

Today, John, Sam, and Devin have decided to delve into the two archetypes that shape every one of us and profoundly impact our existence. We have chosen these two archetypes due to the intricate interplay between them and how they mutually support and complete each other. God has created men to be a wellspring of power and positive change for the world, but that same power can also be harnessed for evil. Let's focus our attention on how these Christ-like images within us influence our lives and how we can harness them to triumph in life. QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Each week we are going to answer one of your questions during the podcast. This week we have a question from a listener who wants to know how to bring more fathers to Holy Mass and if the success of our churches depends on it. If you have any questions, please, record yourself on your phone and send us the audio clip to Or just send us your question and we will read it on air. 🔴 Watch all 1h 25 mins of episode 137 on Catholic Gentleman Plus: Help Support the Catholic Gentleman by either signing up for CG+ or Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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