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Fixing the Disorder in Our Lives

• 63 min

Recognizing the disorder within our culture is the initial step toward rectifying the missteps, often subtle, within our individual lives. Today we discuss how the world is playing this out on a grand scale which culminates in seeing things and even people simply as a means to our own personal ends. In light of this, Dr. John Cuddeback engages with us to assert that we must first identify and be aware of this limited and disordered mindset to begin to re-order and improve our lives and those around us. However, it is not enough to speak of things in the abstract or philosophical sense, we bring this knowledge into the fabric of our daily lives and offer a number of actionable methods through which we can start living out our best life. Life Craft - Instagram - Youtube - Book - True Friendship - 🔴 🔴 Help Support Our Need for Professional Studio Equipment and get 3 Months of Free Access to CG+ - 🔴 Catholic Gentleman+ is Now Live - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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