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What Former Occultists Want You To Know

• 55 min

With over 70% of Americans practicing new age and occultist practices, we are in need of a better understanding of why this is happening and how the Church is the only institution that can bring deliverance from this disaster. In this episode, we speak with Charles Fraune, who has just completed the most extensive dive into the occult, interviewing former Satanists, witches, and new-agers to unearth why almost 3 out of 4 Americans (including our Catholic brothers and sisters) are actively falling for demonic lies in the new age. 🔴 ► "The Rise of the Occult: What Exorcists and Former Occultists Want You to Know" by Charles Fraune - Get The Book Here: Subscribe to the Catholic Gentleman - 🔴 Join the Catholic Gentleman - Catholic Gentleman+ is now Live! Get exclusive content, including monthly videos from guest experts, daily saint quotes, monthly prayer, and ascetical challenges to make you a better, holier, man! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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