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Reducing Loneliness in Vulnerable Populations with Cindy Jordan

• 28 min

This episode’s Community Champion Sponsor is Ossur. To learn more about their ‘Responsible for Tomorrow’ Sustainability Campaign, and how you can get involved: CLICK HERE --- Episode Overview:  How can we effectively address the health crisis of loneliness and social isolation in vulnerable populations?  Our next guest, Cindy Jordan, co-founder and CEO of Pyx Health, is tackling this challenge head-on.  After witnessing a family member's mental health crisis, Cindy was driven to find a solution for this pervasive yet often overlooked issue. Pyx Health's innovative approach combines compassionate technology with timely human interventions, offering patients, health insurers, and at-risk organizations a scalable solution.  While together, Cindy shares her deeply personal, touching and inspiring journey, and the experiences that fueled her mission to the groundbreaking strides Pyx Health is making in addressing this U.S. health epidemic.  Join us for this important conversation as we work together in the fight against loneliness! Let’s go!  Episode Highlights: Cindy's personal experience watching a loved one's mental health decline due to loneliness and social isolation, which motivated her to start Pyx Health.How Pyx Health combines technology with human "peer mentors" to engage lonely and isolated individuals and help them re-engage with their health and communities.The staggering statistics around the prevalence and impact of chronic loneliness, including it being most common among 18-24 year olds.The powerful story of Cindy's stepdaughter Riley, whose loneliness contributed to her struggles with bipolar disorder before her tragic passing.Cindy's vision for Pyx Health's peer mentor model helping fill workforce gaps and becoming the standard for caring for vulnerable, disengaged populations. About our Guest:  After witnessing a family member’s mental health crisis, Cindy co-founded Pyx Health with Anne Jordan in 2017. As the CEO, Cindy continues to fuel innovation and growth. Finding a near perfect balance of technology and compassionate human intervention, she leads the company on its mission to effectively address the health crisis of loneliness and social isolation. For Cindy's full background, see on the Pyx Health website here:  Links Supporting This Episode: Pyx Health Website: CLICK HERECindy Jordan LinkedIn page: CLICK HEREPyx Health LinkedIn page: CLICK HERE Mike Biselli LinkedIn page: CLICK HEREMike Biselli Twitter page: CLICK HEREVisit our website: CLICK HERESubscribe to newsletter: CLICK HEREGuest nomination form: CLICK HERE

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