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Empowering Expectant Mothers Through Virtual Care with Anish Sebastian

• 25 min

This episode’s Community Champion Sponsor is Ossur. To learn more about their ‘Responsible for Tomorrow’ Sustainability Campaign, and how you can get involved: CLICK HERE --- Episode Overview:  How can technology reinvent the standard of prenatal and postpartum care? According to our next guest, Anish Sebastian, the answer lies in delivering a new virtual care model for expectant mothers. As the co-founder and CEO of Babyscripts, Anish is on a mission to eliminate maternal mortality and improve access to care through innovative digital solutions. Under his leadership, Babyscripts has built a clinically validated platform that allows providers to manage up to 90% of pregnancies virtually, empowering earlier detection of risks and the automation of elements of care.  While together, Anish shares his insights on leveraging remote patient monitoring, data-driven experiences, and strategic partnerships to transform the maternal healthcare landscape.  Discover how Babyscripts is redefining the patient-provider journey and championing a new era of proactive, personalized prenatal and postpartum care. Let’s go! Episode Highlights: Anish's personal experience with high-risk twin pregnancies inspired his mission to improve maternal health outcomesBabyscripts is delivering a new virtual care model for prenatal and postpartum care, leveraging remote monitoring and digital toolsUnder Anish's leadership, Babyscripts has partnered with over 75 health systems managing 250,000+ pregnancies annuallyBabyscripts' research efforts have resulted in multiple first-of-their-kind publications validating the benefits of their platformAnish's vision is to transform maternal care and ensure expectant mothers have access to the support and resources they need About our Guest:  Anish Sebastian is the co-founder and CEO of Babyscripts, an innovative maternal healthcare company focused on reinventing the standard of prenatal and postpartum care through the delivery of digital education and remote patient monitoring experiences. In his time as CEO, Anish has led product development and has orchestrated partnerships with more than 75 health systems around the country that manage over 250K pregnancies annually, as well as partnerships with multiple national health plans and 30+ managed care organizations. Anish has led several evidence-based research endeavors that have resulted in multiple first-in-kind publications and white papers, further quantifying and validating the benefits of the Babyscripts product, including a pilot with GW-MFA for Babyscripts maternal mental health product, which is in beta-testing at the site and will be the subject of a focused research study. He is a recognized thought leader in the field of maternal healthcare and technology and a frequent speaker on the future of healthcare. Links Supporting This Episode: Babyscripts Website: CLICK HEREAnish Sebastian LinkedIn page: CLICK HEREAnish Sebastian Twitter page: CLICK HERE Mike Biselli LinkedIn page: CLICK HEREMike Biselli Twitter page: CLICK HEREVisit our website: a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer"

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