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Empowering Healthcare with Actionable Data with Caryn Hewitt

• 30 min

This episode’s Community Champion Sponsor is Ossur. To learn more about their ‘Responsible for Tomorrow’ Sustainability Campaign, and how you can get involved: CLICK HERE --- Episode Overview:  How can health systems transform operations via real-time locating innovations? According to our next guest, Caryn Hewitt, Senior Director of Consulting Services at CenTrak, it starts with responsibly harnessing actionable data to drive productivity, cost savings, and elevated care experiences. With over 37 years improving hospital operations and four years as a health system Chief Information Officer, Caryn brings invaluable wisdom that is helping empower healthcare with actionable data. Currently, she leads CenTrak teams that are helping over 2,000 healthcare organizations worldwide to increase asset visibility, respond faster to staff duress, reduce patient wait times, and more through cutting-edge IoT solutions. While together, Caryn shares her journey from bedside nursing to pioneering connective technologies, how real-time locating awareness unlocks shared asset utilization across facilities, and why she urges innovators to imagine expanded use cases that could further transform point-of-care operations. Join us as Caryn reveals how to tap data streams towards revolutionizing healthcare functionality. Let's go! Episode Highlights: Always put the patient and family first when considering care improvementsReal-time locating systems can increase asset sharing between hospitals to reduce costsStaff duress solutions are currently very popular to protect staff safetyTracking patient workflow can identify bottlenecks and opportunities to add more patient revenueImagine expanded use cases for how real-time data could further elevate point-of-care workings Guest Bio:  Caryn Hewitt has been involved in hospital operations for 37 years as a Nursing Executive. She has held various roles, including 4 years as the Chief Information Officer of a large health system. Caryn brings extensive experience in several healthcare technology projects including all facets of planning and opening a new 400-bed hospital which was inclusive of many real-time location system (RTLS) use cases. Currently, Caryn is CenTrak’s Senior Director of Consulting Services, leading a team of highly experienced professionals with a wide variety of clinical and operational healthcare expertise. Links Supporting This Episode:  CenTrak Website: CLICK HERECaryn Hewitt LinkedIn page: CLICK HERECenTrak Twitter page: CLICK HERE Mike Biselli LinkedIn page: CLICK HEREMike Biselli Twitter page: CLICK HEREVisit our website: CLICK HERESubscribe to newsletter: CLICK HEREGuest nomination form: CLICK HERE

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