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Creating a less Stressful Environment for Patients and Providers with David Garner

• 27 min

This episode’s Community Champion Sponsor is Catalyst. To virtually tour Catalyst and claim your space on campus, or host an upcoming event: CLICK HERE --- Episode Overview:  During this episode, I’m excited to welcome David Garner, the Chief Operating Officer of CalmWave, the world's first AI-Based platform that empowers providers with the insights they need to deliver more data-driven, more efficient, and quieter care. While together, David shares his journey of co-founding CalmWave and the future of healthcare innovation. Additionally, David outlines how CalmWave plans to expand across the healthcare paradigm and the potential for his company to work beyond the healthcare industry. Join us to learn how David and the CalmWave team create a sustainable and less stressful environment for patients and healthcare providers. Let's go! Episode Highlights: How the application of artificial intelligence and advanced analytics enables healthcare practitioners to give more data-driven, effective, and quieter treatment.The significance of having a strong sense of passion for what you do, especially in healthcare innovation.David’s journey that led to co-founding CalmWaveThe inspiration behind CalmWaveHow Alarm Fatigue affects both healthcare workers and patients.How CalmWave transforms operations through data science and AI.The potential for Calm Wave's data science and AI-focused solutions to be applied to various industries beyond healthcare, such as supply chain, IT, and travel. About our Guest:  An engineer & designer by training, David is a talented Sales, Marketing, & Business leader with broad, yet extensive, experience in Healthcare and Medical Devices.  He’s held leadership roles across R&D, Product Management, Marketing, Digital, Design, Customer Success, Strategy,  E-commerce, Sales, and Services.   He's an expert on assessing markets and identifying growth opportunities.   His passion for leading new initiatives and changing the healthcare landscape motivates him to take on the most challenging issues of today and the future. He's raised $250M+ for a mid/late stage startup, built full commercial teams, and implemented comprehensive go to market plans.  He's built, led, & grown businesses from $0 to $100M+, and has 'growth hacked' to accelerate and win where others have not.     He has built best-in-class, high performing teams at every company he’s worked, and it's fundamental to his success.   He has both big company and small startup experience, with 2 of his last 3 startups reaching successful exits. He’s currently Chief Operations Officer at CalmWave, Inc., where he leads a number of operational and commercial activities.   Before joining, David was on a journey to start and build a company from the ground up, zero-to-one, while continuing his mission of leveraging technology to positively impact the world.   That led him to the Paul Allen Institute for AI’s (AI2) Incubator, whose focus is to launch companies that leverage AI for the common good.  While planning to take on a role as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence, he met Ophir Ronen, a serial entrepreneur, IT expert, and CEO/founder of CalmWave, who was looking to leverage his prior work in  enterprise IT/data science towards healthcare, with the goal to improve patient outcomes, enhance operations, and reduce burnout.  David was blown away by the problem space, and what Ophir was working on.  It was a great fit, and aligned with David’s impact-focused interests in healthcare.   Since inception in spring of 2022, CalmWave has raised $4M in seed funding, and is only gaining...

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