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15. The 5 Best Pieces of Business Advice I've Ever Received

• 18 min

Welcome to another episode of Becoming the 1%. I'm so excited that today I get to share with you the 5 best pieces of business advice I've received in the past 10 years from mentors, fellow entrepreneurs, research, and the hundreds of business books that I've read.  I want you to use today's episode as another reminder of what's important in business and to help you cut through the noise that often dominates the online business space. These golden nuggets are the kind of advice that doesn't age, is trend-free, and will be relevant at all stages of your entrepreneurial journey. Once you listen, I'd love to hear from you - what's the best business advice you've ever been given or which one of these 5 resonated most with you? DM me on IG and let me know! Also, if you loved this episode, tag me on socials or DM me, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Are we Instagram friends yet? Connect with me at

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