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Travis Swartz on Being Hank Patterson

• 81 min

Do you remember the first time you saw Hank Patterson on screen? I certainly do. I didn’t know what exactly I was watching, but I was laughing and left wanting more. Travis Swartz’s character, Hank Patterson, is a self-proclaimed world renowned fly fishing guide and instructor who exudes confidence in scenarios he knows very little about. His comedy pokes light-hearted fun at some of the more debatable topics in fly fishing, allowing all of us to make fun of ourselves in some form or another. In this episode of Anchored, Travis and I discuss his life as an actor and producer before turning to fly fishing humour, how the Hank Patterson character came to be, how he approaches comedy in our sport, and the film he and I made close to a decade ago. On that note, I’ll see if I can find an old copy and will post it on my YouTube channel. If you’re not a subscriber, I hope you will be soon! Find me at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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