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Enrico Puglisi on Fibres, Dubbing Brushes, "Making It" and More

• 83 min

Born and raised in Sicily, Italy, Enrico Puglisi learned to fish by watching his father catch dinner in the Mediterranean Sea. They even used feathers from their own chickens, unintentionally seeding the concept of fly fishing in Enrico’s mind. But it wasn’t until Enrico received a bill for his favourite tying material that he accidentally fell into the fly fishing industry. In this episode of Anchored we hear Enrico’s incredible story—from Ritz Carlton chef to one of the greatest innovators of our time. If you like this episode, I’d love to invite you to become a member of Anchored Outdoors. In addition to our 3-phase membership and Masterclasses, we also host monthly tying nights with some of the best tiers in fly fishing. Find out more and become a member today at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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