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Sleaze, sexism & slander: misogyny in Westminster

• 31 min

The age-old issue of misogyny in the world of Westminster has continued to rock British politics this year.  From an MP’s resignation after watching porn at work to a sexist article which suggested deputy labour leader Angela Rayner used a “Basic Instinct ploy” to distract the prime minister in the commons, the Houses of Parliament is suffering from its own internal crisis.  There have been a myriad of sexual misconduct claims, three MPs have recently lost the whip for sexual harassment, bullying and sexual assault respectively. And another has been accused of rape.   So why is misogyny in 2022 still plaguing parliament? And after a series of sexism scandals is it time, like many have suggested, that HR arrived in the House of Commons? Today, we will speak to the women inside Westminster - high-profile politicians from both sides of the political spectrum and a renowned female journalist - who can give us an insight to where it’s all gone wrong and whether this is time for a radical change in the culture of British politics.  Sources: STV, Sky News, ITV news Producer: Rachel Evans

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