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Is CCTV putting innocent people behind bars

• 20 min

In April 2015, a victim was stabbed 13 times in a park in Leicester town centre. The case was solved with the help of CCTV, but that’s not the end of the story.  The parents of the man convicted for the crime insist this was a case of mistaken identity. They also believe racial bias caused their son’s misidentification on CCTV. Forensic experts have also raised serious concerns about the quality of CCTV analysis in the criminal justice system as a whole.  In today’s episode we speak to Channel 4 News producer, Zahra Warsame, about how she learnt about the case, how CCTV evidence is used in the criminal justice system and why it could be contributing to innocent people being put behind bars for crimes they didn’t commit.  Producer: Freya Pickford

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