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Near Death Experiences | Brent Satterfield

• 38 min

What happens when you have a leading scientist in his field come face to face with not one but several spiritual experiences through NDE - Near-Death Experiences? Well, that is what we are going to be exploring with my guest today - Brent Satterfield. He is the inventor of DNA testing technologies that have impacted millions of people across the globe. Following his multiple experiences with heaven, he became a student of consciousness, faith, and experiences of God in cultures around the world. This has also led to him authoring two books - Faith to Produce Miracles in 2018 and his latest book is a great title - Bringing Heaven Home.   You don’t want to miss: How Brent combines his love of science with his spirituality How he sees the divine from the perspectives of different cultures How these experiences impact the belief systems you were raised with PLUS, is there judgment on the other side of how you've lived your life?    Links and resources: Access your FREE resources HERE Follow me on Instagram: @healing2bu_ Facebook: TheBeautifulSideofGrief For more about me and what I do Check out my website Brent's links Website: Facebook: IG: @innerworldmovement Read about Brent's experiences in detail here:   Make sure you hit SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss out on any of my weekly interviews and resources. And, if you enjoyed this episode, please leave me a rating and a review? Thanks! Thanks Gabe Dovaston for the great music!   Quote: "They were the moments that filled me with understanding of, oh my goodness, this is why I was in this world to begin with." ~ Brent Sattersfield  

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