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11. Stop Hiding Start Healing | Craig Brown

• 59 min

Shame. Guilt. Both are powerful emotions though it's shame that has the ability to take you on a journey into hell and leave you there. Today's guest - Craig Brown found himself in his own pit of hell, sucked up into the drug life that invites any one, any race, any time. We discuss the rampant heroin and fentanyl addiction that is destroying too many families… where too many lives and beautiful souls are being lost to the heartbreak of addiction.  You don’t want to miss: How to deal with addiction if you are a parent of an addicted child - or facing that yourself How everything you want in life is on the other side of fear! Why your pain needs to be greater than your fear to recover PLUS, why shame as the number one catalyst for people to remain in bondage!  Links and resources: Craig's links Facebook: Quote: "Everything you ever wanted in life is on the other side of fear." ~ Craig Brown   Follow me on: Email:  Instagram: Facebook: Website: YouTube:   Loved this episode? Leave me a review and rating 💟               And heartfelt Thanks to Gabe Dovaston for the music!

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