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Turning Suicide Loss into a Mission

• 38 min

How does someone go from experiencing the suicide of a close family member at a time it wasn't widely talked about, to using that experience to fund and promote suicide awareness? Well, that's exactly what Larry Strung and his wife Denise did, and continue to do 17 years down the line. Immediately following Keith's passing they were looking to do good on a promise made to him that, if something were to happen, they would tell his story. That promise has raised over $1.5 million through the Keith Milano Memorial Fund which supports the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. You don’t want to miss: Understanding that mental health is no different to having a physical ailment How the sharing of Keith's story has led others to reach out How it has given Larry a sense of purpose and direction PLUS, the importance of making time for your loved ones!  Links and resources: Access your FREE resources HERE Follow me on Instagram: @healing2bu_ Facebook: TheBeautifulSideofGrief For more about me and what I do Check out my website Larry's links Website: Facebook: IG: Twitter: Keith Milano Memorial Fund Make sure you hit SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss out on any of my weekly interviews and resources. And, if you enjoyed this episode, please leave me a rating and a review? Thanks! Thanks Gabe Dovaston for the great music! Quote: "He struggled to outrun his illness but it constantly chased him. It hunted him down and stole the light from his eyes." ~ Denise Milano Sprung

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