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Introducing “Out of Office,” A New Show From Bloomberg Live

• 19 min

Get ready to get personal. Out of Office: Conversations about Life and Leadership, a new podcast series by Bloomberg Live, launches January 16 2020. Tune in to hear newsmakers talk about things they don't get asked about in the office. Their childhood. Dreams. Mentors. Favorite books. Failure. Triumphs. Down time. Family and love. Because all these influences make them who they are and define how they lead. On this special bonus episode hosted by Mallika Kapur, Ed Stapley talks to the Bad Boy of Brexit, Richard Tice. The Chairman of the Brexit Party talks about his upbringing, property, politics and what he wants for Christmas. Join us for more unconventional conversations about life and leadership in Out of Office, hosted by Mallika Kapur. Subscribe today on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or any podcast app to catch every episode. We look forward to your company.

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