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The Great British Invasion Episode - The Kinda Funny Podcast (Ep 308)

• 158 min

Hella people are visiting the studio today so Nick and SnowBikeMike make them all stick their hands in the dreaded Bucket of Topics. Special guests include Ben Starr, Abubakar Salim, Tamoor Hussain, Lucy James, Alanah Pearce, and Rahul Kohli. Start Abu Salim and Ben Starr What’s the perfect height Abu on acting! Acting in nude Tamoor Hussain and Lucy James Why wont andy be my best friend. losing weight and doing T Kate Middleton What would high school think about you now? Frasier Comedy specials and Alan Partridge Italians . . . Do you all want kids? Rahul Kohli does a press interview Dune 2 Talk Should Tim Gettys get a mullet Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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