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The First REAL KFP In The New Studio - Kinda Funny Podcast (Ep. 238)

• 86 min

Greg, Tim, Nick, and Andy record their very first REAL Kinda Funny Podcast on the new set in The Spare Bedroom and try to push the limits on foods they would eat. Time Stamps - 00:00:00 - Start 00:17:00 - Would you eat this 00:24:00 - Andy’s Pizza adventure 00:31:20 - Back to regional foods 00:41:50 - Nerds rope 00:47:20 - ADS 00:49:15 - Show Continues 00:49:42- Back to regional foods, again 01:07:07- Having your weekends back 01:19:44 - The Mole is BACK! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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