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WR Prospects with Emory Hunt (04/22 Fantasy Football Podcast)

• 62 min

We're excited to talk about this loaded WR class. Emory Hunt joins us with scoutingĀ reports, player comps, overrated and underrated players and more. First, we'll ask him to follow up on his thoughts on the Rams backfield (4:00) as he is not quite as high on Cam Akers as you might think. Now to the WRs, who would Emory take fourth overall: Kyle Pitts or Devonta Smith (7:10)? And let's spend a lot of time on the Top 3 WRs in this class (9:15). Are we talking about potential superstars? If Ja'Marr Chase goes to the Bengals, Smith goes to the Dolphins and Jaylen Waddle goes to the Giants, will those rookie WRs be better than their veteran teammates (19:30)? If so, how much better? ... OK, it's time to talk about other WRs (21:40)! Who are some of the best guys after the Top 3 that could be taken in Round 1? Who is overrated (28:40)? Who is underrated (30:00)? ... Emory gives us player comps for a numberĀ of the incoming rookies (33:45) and then we re-evaluate the 2020 WR class (37:15). Who is the new #1 for Emory? We've also got news and notes from around the NFL (44:00) ... Your emails at Want in the Podcast League? Try our NFL Draft contest! 'Fantasy Football Today' is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Castbox, and wherever else you listen to podcasts. Follow our FFT team on Twitter: @FFToday, @AdamAizer, @JameyEisenberg, @daverichard, @heathcummingssr, @ctowerscbs, @BenSchragg Watch FFT on YouTube Join our Facebook group Sign up for the FFT newsletter You can listen to Fantasy Football Today on your smart speakers! Simply say "Alexa, play the latest episode of the Fantasy Football Today podcast" or "Hey Google, play the latest episode of the Fantasy Football Today podcast." To hear more from the CBS Sports Podcast Network, visit Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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