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How Seeds are Produced: Behind the Scenes of How Our Seeds are Selected, Grown, Tested and Multiplied with Territorial Seed Company

• 83 min

How are seeds produced, manufactured, and make it to our gardens? Every gardener knows the joy of going through seed catalogs and visiting garden centers to select the perfect mix of herbs, vegetables, and flowers to grow in their own garden. But what we might not often consider is the journey of those seeds—from the years-long process of selection, cultivation, and production to the moment when we lovingly plant those tiny specs of potential into the ground. In this episode, Andrew Billing and Kat Barlow from Territorial Seed Company take you on the journey of the seeds from the minds of passionate seed growers to the hands of gardeners! In this episode, we learn:[03:33] Are you taking seed packets for granted? (Territorial Seed Company’s purpose!)[06:08] Who is Andrew Billing? [06:28] Who is Kat Barlow? [07:48] Understanding Territorial Seed beyond the advertisements[08:48] What makes the climate at Territorial Seed and the plants grown and tested there so hardy? [10:35] What is gardener's itch?[12:28] Territorial Seed introduces new dahlia varieties[13:52] Territorial Seed's different approaches to sourcing seeds[15:42] How does farm sourcing work?[16:27] How does Territorial Seed preserve seed genetics using seed vaults?[19:00] How does Territorial Seed decide what seeds to grow in-house? [21:10] How does trend forecasting play a role in the sourcing and selection of seeds?[23:57] What is shishito pepper and how did it become popular? [25:21] Where can you find quality-built grow lights?[26:52] How wind chimes can enhance your mindfulness practice[29:28] What are some tried and true favorite seed varieties at Territorial Seed? [32:44] The seed trialing process at Territorial Seed[37:39] What is the timeline for developing marketing materials before sourcing seeds at Territorial Seeds? [39:17] How many years does it take to trial a seed and bring it to market? [39:55] What criteria determine if a seed is selectable or not? [40:49] What are the reasons seeds are cut back or not offered?[42:33] Determining when seeds are ready for market[43:57] Differences in trialing edibles vs flowers[46:10] Where can you find quality weighted blankets for overall better sleep? [48:38] What is the process of breeding better seeds?[52:15] How does Territorial Seed collaborate with other seed companies and outside farmers? [53:40] From mass production to nationwide sales: the seed distribution process[56:24] How does Territorial Seed pack and produce seeds?[1:04:20] Kat and Andrew's favorite seeds to grow[1:08:22] What new seed varieties do Territorial Seed look forward to?[1:13:32] Territorial Seed's upcoming products that can grow seeds in small containers[1:15:15] Essential tips for beginner gardeners in small space gardeningMentioned in our conversation:Shishito PeppersBridge to ParisCollaretteKitchen Counter Collection For a closer look at the seed production process,check out the full show notes and blog here! Learn more about Territorial Seed Company by visiting - and get a 10% discount applied at checkout. Thank you to our episode sponsors:Soltech SolutionsSoltech Solutions makes the grow lights you’ve heard me talk about for years: whether you are looking for a pendant light, track lighting, or a simple bulb to screw into any standard light fixture, Soltech has got you covered. They offer quality products with great customer service, free shipping, and a 5-year warranty. Keep the sun shining and the plants green inside your home with Soltech Solutions. Check them out at and get 15% off with code bloom15. Wind River ChimesBring more peace, serenity, and magic into your home with chimes. Wind River is a Virginia-based company creating premium handcrafted and hand-tuned wind chimes for over 35 years. If you are looking for a new way to grow joy in your life and find a moment of peace, a Wind River chime is the perfect addition for your home or garden. Visit w

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