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Beginner's Guide to Greenhouses

• 77 min

I feel like there comes a time in every plant parent's life when we start to get really curious and excited about having a dedicated space for all of our plants. If you are an outdoor gardener, the promise of a greenhouse for seed starts and overwintering plants is even more promising! I’ve had several different moments in life where I’ve Googled greenhouse kits but never crossed the finish line due to the overwhelming and somewhat intimidating aspect of installing them properly (and the price tag). Hopefully, this episode will set you up for success if you feel like you’re ready to take the leap of installing a greenhouse - whether it's a small kit, or a large structure in your backyard - consider this episode a beginners guide to building the greenhouse of your dreams! Join the Bloom and Grow Garden Society!The Bloom and Grow Garden Society is your one-stop shop for plant parenthood growth. When you join, you'll gain full access to the Garden Party Community Platform and App PLUS monthly plant care lectures with Horticulturist in Residence Leslie Halleck, monthly office hours with Leslie to troubleshoot your personal plant care issues and monthly Growing Joy Calls with Maria to develop our community of Society Members and explore the plant/person connection. Click here to join us! Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast,so you don't miss the amazing episodes we have coming up! In this episode we learn:[01:49] The inspirations behind this episode![04:13] What to expect from this episode[06:15] How Patrick became the plant person he is today[10:10] Patrick shares his greenhouse setup[11:35] Things to consider before planning a greenhouse[12:28] Why do you need a license for your personal greenhouse?[15:00] What direction should a greenhouse face?[16:44] Pros and cons of different greenhouse materials[20:29] DIY greenhouse vs greenhouse kit[23:41] Patrick’s advice when exploring greenhouse kit options[25:07] What to consider for your greenhouse flooring[27:02] Where to get healthy pre-grown plants[28:13] The best indoor and outdoor gardening products[30:52] Different types of greenhouses and ventilation settings[33:08] How to calculate greenhouse heating and ventilation requirements[34:31] Different types of fans and vents for greenhouse ventilation[37:28] How do you run power to your greenhouse?[39:16] How much does a good beginner greenhouse cost?[42:33] Common misconceptions about greenhouses[43:37] How greenhouses help in pest control and management[45:45] Troubleshooting greenhouse ventilation and humidity issues[46:40] What is the ideal temperature for a greenhouse?[47:53] Patrick’s advice for greenhouse beginners[50:12] Greenhouse #1: Amy’s apartment-deck greenhouse in cold Massachusetts[53:27] Greenhouse #2: Tiffany’s indoor greenhouse for 200+ plants[59:28] Greenhouse #3: Kristin’s fully-customized permanent greenhouse from a kit[01:05:48] Greenhouse #4: Eric’s Instagrammable East Nash Greenhouse with recycled windows[01:11:56] Where to get university-level horticulture education for your greenhouse preparations![01:12:41] How to pre-order Growing Joy Mentioned in our conversation:Patrick's other blogs: Sublime Succulents & Self-Sustaining EcosystemDomino Magazine article: How a Stylist DIY-ed Her Dream Greenhouse From a Prefab Kit Thank you to our episode sponsors:Territorial Seed CompanyExcited for this year's growing season? If you’re looking for plants for your garden, skip the lines at the garden center and let Territorial Seed Company deliver top-of-the-line, healthy and hardy vegetable plants right to your door! They have a great line of pre-grown plants, an expansive seed catalog, and over 40 years of experience delivering the best seeds and plants for everyone's garden. They are offering an exclusive discount just for listeners of Bloom & Grow Radio, use code GROW10 to get 10% off your first order. Order now at Espoma OrganicEspoma Organic is dedicated to makin

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